Monday, March 6, 2017

Key Verses in Job

Text:  Job 19:23-27; 23:10             

But he knows the way that I take; when he has tried me, I shall come out as gold. My foot has held fast to his steps; I have kept his way and have not turned aside. (Job 23:10-11)

When does Job expect this vindication?

(Read Job 19:23-27)
     Whom I shall see for myself - It will not come to be by mere report. I shall not merely hear of the decision of God in my favor, but I shall myself behold him. He will at length come forth, and I shall be permitted to see him, and shall have the delightful assurance that he settles this controversy in my favor, and declares that I am his friend. Job was thus permitted to see God Job 42:5, and hear his voice in his favor. He spake to him from the whirlwind Job 38:1, and pronounced the sentence in his favor which he had desired. (Albert Barnes,

1.     We must avoid thinking of God is human terms, or reducing His ways to a set of laws.

2.    The proper relationship with God is a relationship of faith, and the proper response to God in all circumstances is worship (Job 1:20)

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  1. I'm really enjoying this class. I've always had so many questions about the book of Job. Thanks for putting it on line so we can go back and see what we've missed.